Some other things you should know about me


One of the most important things in my business that I do differently than many other companies is: quoting. I always take enough time and do everything to be as precise as possible when it comes to quoting, both materials and labor. My goal is to be perfect when it comes to quoting setting materials: ( +- $ 10.00 ) and finishing the job within 4 % of estimated labor time. Obviously, if for any reason I make a mistake in my calculations, I never change the contract price and charge more ( unless there were changes made by customer and extra payment was discussed and approved) I never speed up, cut corners to be satisfied with the time spent, or cut corners to start the next awaiting job. 

I never give a final price over the phone without seeing the job site, tiles, and area to be tiled. This golden rule keeps me away from any problems, and lets my customers and I trully enjoy life. If I am " forced " to provide one , I always do this by showing some kind of a range for the price, but never as a final price. I provide free estimates, but I don't offer customers a quote on line, a practice which always ends up with extra charges down the road.


My company rate is based on Alberta Tile Setter's union rate plus cost of company expenses. There is no corporate owner extra charge.

Walk in showers:

From the past over 30 showers I have built, only two were built using the traditional method ( Cement Boards/Denshield and shower pan liner inside the dry pack) the remaining 28 were done using Schluter System ( the final  method is always chosen by the customer after my, or general contractor's, who I am subcontracting for, explanations). This does't necessarily mean that the traditional method is bad, there are some 25 year old showers with no signs of leak or mold. Problems occur when it comes to the quality of building with the traditional method. Those two mentioned showers I built were priced ( average market price) by the Builder, however the price did not cover some of the important parts in the entire process. I considered only 2 options: to refuse the job, or to do the right thing and pay from my own pocket for taking the extra time and care as needed.


Some tradesmen say: " when you talk to a customer, do not say too much. " I am not scared, I have nothing to hide, transparency is another one of my top priorities. I always discuss with my customers everything that has an influence on the price. I give them a chance to save money even if it cuts away at my profit.

More then testimonials: 

Unlike many companies, I am ready to show any job from my entire company file (since 2006) . I can provide contact information to the all previous clients to get an opinion on any of my jobs( keeping in mind respect to their privacy ). My testimonials you can find at


I provide with a 10% - 30% discount ( depending on the project's size) for :

  1. -  work during months of January and February.
  2. -  for parents under the age of 33 ( 2 or more children )
  3. -  I give the discount that I have in tile stores to my customers ( see my tile distributors page ). I do not resell tiles to my customers.


These are some of the things I do differently to most competitors. It may look like a lot of extra time has to be added, however after years of doing it this way in most cases  there is no extra time conceded at all in the entire project.

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